Debt Advisory

Debt markets are specialist and rapidly changing. Our intimate knowledge of this area – and the players within it – means we can quickly identify funding options for you, target suitable providers and help negotiate terms.

Whether you need financing for an acquisition, to fund growth or to refinance existing arrangements, Tatsu Partners Debt Advisory service can help.

You may want stapled financing to help facilitate the sale of your business: We know that ensuring bidders have ready access to tailored financing can secure higher valuations, speed the sale process and minimise disruption to the business.

Successful fund raising means much more than maximising debt quantum or minimising margins or fees. Our team are experts in helping you source the right debt product from the right provider (whether a bank or non-bank fund/institution) and optimise financial-covenant headroom and operational flexibility to ensure the needs of lenders are properly balanced with those of management and shareholders. 

Involving us early means we can help you secure funding in a timely and cost effective way.

Restructuring and Special Situations

Each company challenged with liquidity or debt obligation issues is unique so every restructuring, covenant reset and “special situation” is different.  Key is knowing how to identify the critical elements and understand how banks, other financial creditors, operating creditors and shareholders are likely to react to specific proposals.

We draw on our wealth of experience of different situations and various stakeholders to advise companies’ Boards on how to address difficult issues.  We bespoke our advice to the specific situation and objectives of our clients and deliver hands-on day to day advice. 

We specialise in:

• Negotiations with lenders of facility extensions, covenant resets and other debt term amendments.
• Wholesale debt and balance sheet restructurings
• Managing lender and other stakeholder relationships during an M&A process
• Strategic issues arising in debt or liquidity stressed businesses
• Assisting investors looking at “special situations”

About Tatsu

The name ‘Tatsu’ derives from the 5th sign of the Japanese zodiac, depicted by the dragon. According to legend, people born under the sign of the dragon are honest, have good self-discipline, are brave and courageous when times get tough, and are capable of inspiring trust. Tatsu Partners was actually founded in 2020, which is the year of the rat. But that just wouldn’t have worked for a logo…